Our Services

Smart City Applications

We produce technologies which are modern, functionel, competitive. Our technologies are coherent to physical environment, digital and increase the quality of people's life. At the same time they provie a continuity future.

Special Software

Our Company has a team dedicated to individual software requests.

Web Software

Software for web site,e-commerce,dynamic and user friend digital world .

Mobile Software

We implement coherent application interfaces for devices such as mobile phone and tablet.

Designe Applications

We provide support and development to company or individual design and applications after being deployed.

We Produce Technology

We produce easy, ergonomic and low-cost technological requirements that will enable you to use them in any field that meet your needs..

System Setup and Management

We filfull informatic technologies requirements with our experiment specialists.

Hardware Supply

Use Of External Sources

We provide outsourcing services for the software, project management, hardware, data entry, improvement of business processes that you need.

Corporate Support and Reporting

We provide a full support on ERP software and computer systems.

Business Mind and Facilities

We filfull services on business mind processes, setups, database and diagrams to all software.

Engineering and Consultancy

Our engineer team process analysis of your requirement and it running, and execute the road map output along with you.

Business Application Supports and Training

We well understand your business mind to provide the best way of utilisation and to provide you our support facility on training for a better usage.

About Us

Suffatech is your unique technology solution partner founded in 2019 with the support of KOSGEB.

To become an innovative, excellence-seeking, respected and leader company in Turkey with its customers in the software and design sector, keeping user and employee satisfaction at the highest level, preferred by domestic and foreign business partners in the first degree, and branded in international standards.

Our Vision

To be among the leading companies in Turkey and the International Informatics Sector by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and employees. With the Industry-Academy Cooperation model, it is to produce innovative solutions with high added value and to compete with foreign market actors.

Our Mission

To be able to provide solutions for different requests and needs with our domestic and national solutions, wide product range and unique products. To set an example in customer satisfaction by providing high-performance and quality service. To produce IT projects according to the needs of businesses with the identity of a solution partner in line with the new and inevitable realities brought by the information age. To perform our Facility Management and Consultancy services in accordance with national and international legal regulations and standards..

Our Solutions

As Suffatech family, we bring you solutions in many aspects of your needs..

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